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C E asked:

Jul 16, 2015
The base of my downspout where it meets the ground has a piece of ceramic broken away. What type of contractor do I call?
For some reason, this one is not built like the others where it's a solid plastic pipe going into the ground. It has a ceramic bowl that it went through. A big piece has broken away. There was a big gap where the downspout met the pipe in the ground. The ceramic bowl covered this gap, but now the gap is exposed because part of it has broken away. I used water proof duct tape and taped the gap. Then I put a piece of curved plastic over that and ducted taped that. Then I with small rocks I positioned the piece of ceramic bowl so it would hold that in place. This is just a temporary fix to prevent water running under the foundation. What type of repair person do I call to fix the downspout at ground level? Thanks.

A good quality roofer, exterior remodeler, plumber or landscaper.

Jul 22, 2015

Looks like you could use help of a good plumber or handy man who knows how to work with PVC piping. It's not complicated job, but there are few technics to it. Hope it helps. 

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