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Clara Kuehn asked:

Aug 13, 2020

Mason Hearn of HomeMasons, Inc. PRO answered:

Aug 18, 2020

Hard to tell for sure without a close look, but the roofing / waterproofing material looks like TPO, a single-ply roofing membrance.  It is not made for direct traffic, so appears someone has installed rubber pavers over it to protect the membrane.  Not an unusual application.  The membrane should have positive drainage to what appears to be scuppers, and any water falling on that balcony wants to be able to freely drain - meaning, any pavers installed should have a means of drainage on the underside.  Appears to me that these rubber walkpads really do not.

Have a professional roofer /waterproofing company take a look and work with you toward a solution.

Aug 9, 2020

Mason Hearn of HomeMasons, Inc. PRO answered:

Aug 18, 2020

That is Oriented Strand Board (OSB), typically used for sheathing.  Looks like it has been used exposed to weather, which is not its intended use.  There is no reasonable repair for that, other than replacement... with materials suitable for whatever the application might be.  Call a professional contractor.

Aug 8, 2020
Aug 8, 2020

That's a very different way to do it, but yes that looks to be your gas shut off.

Todd Kreger asked:

Jun 23, 2020

Depends on the outside air temperture realative to the temperature in your garage - your going to be pulling in outside air & pushing out the inside air - the only time youll get cooling is if ouside temp is less than inside yemp....

Jun 19, 2020
Jul 1, 2020

I agree with what Yuri said and would like to add that it is imporatant to have it removed properly so as not to cross contaminate. Mold spores are microscopic in size and easily dispersed if not handled correctly.

Jun 22, 2020
Jul 1, 2020

The addition of a ceiling fan will not actually reduce the temperature, however the increased air flow will make you feel more comfortable.

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