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Seam Goh asked:

Jun 24, 2015
how to report a complaint to warn homeowners of a roofer's bad/irrespoonsible customer service?
Jul 6, 2015

Everyone has a different opinion of what is good and bad service depending what side of the issue they are on.I would also give them one last time to address your complaint.

Give them an acceptable time line to respond and correct the issue one last time. If you have called them, had conversation and a commitment to correct or refusal to do anything then I would notify them in writing that you intend to report them to the BBB, and the local & state regulators. The attorney general is usually the heavy hitter on consumer complaints. Then follow through.

Jun 24, 2015

We recommend filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureu in your region.  If the company has any standards, this should make them and other consumers aware of the issue and hopefully they dont make the same mistake twice or no one will use them in the future.  Hope this helps. 

Jun 25, 2015

File complaint wth the Registar of Contractors in your area. Even if they are not Lsc they should be and can face a fine.

Here are a few ideas....

  1. File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau 
  2. Most homeowners associations have message boards - post your experience there
  3. Call your local TV station - they love doing stories on bad contractors
  4. Put a sign on your front lawn warning your neighbors!
Aug 17, 2015

Reviews are very important to such a company. I would advise filing a complaint with the BBB in your area as other have stated, along with sharing your experience on their other pages like google, facebook, Angie's List, etc.

Aug 27, 2015

Have you made the contractor aware of your disappointment? Have you given them the opportunity to "Make it Right?" If so, i would go to the agency that issues licenses in your area and file a formal complaint. The BBB is also a good place to go. Both of these entities will investigate your complaint and seek to have the situation remedied.

Amanda Skepper of GK (removed) PRO answered:

Aug 30, 2015

BBB is a great place to leave reviews. I would also send a private email to the business or contractor you have the complaint with. That way they are aware of how you feel and the concerns you have. If you leave w public review on Google or yelp for example Be careful with wording. Everything left on a review must be factual and able to prove just. Freedom of speech becomes libel or defamation of character.   If the contractor looses business or potential customers directly because of the review you could have legal trouble assuming they can prove negative impact. 

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