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Christina N asked:

Apr 4, 2020
How can I Mount a TV with a two column brick fireplace?
My fireplace is the brown brick one. Basically I want to do what I've seen on this video with the grey wooden slabs going across, but I have a columned fireplace. I was thinking of having some type of metal rail going across (red drawing) with a support on the back (blue drawing). I did not want to mount it directly into the wall behind due to the paneling on that wall (picture 3). I am wondering what kind of rail or beam I could use that will still be sturdy enough to then install the TV mount to.
Apr 7, 2020

I would build a stud wall and get rid of the recessed niche. Once done you will have plenty of support in securing the TV mount. 

Jeff Ainslie of Ainslie Group PRO answered:

Apr 16, 2020

Find a bracket that will span the columns. Drill and insertlead anchors into the brick at the correct locations for the connecting fasteners.

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