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Feb 17, 2014
What's the best way to know my builder is staying on top of building my new home if I'm far away in another state during the project?
Jan 19, 2015


ANDY, YOUR CONCERNS ARE VALID AND ERIC & CHRIS are Spot on...   COMMUNICATE AND I WOULD ADD VALIDATE. Here in the Lowcountry concerns are the same for soem clients.

Protect your custom build by Video monitoring and third party inspections by actual inspectors. In the age of Video monitoring a simple data and power drop allows 24/7 video monitorings for the owner and Contractor. Most cable compabnies will run the data drops since you will use them after. (We provide this service free now for our owners out of market.)

- Validation of Lien Releases & Material Lien based on scopes and agreements, the pitfalls are in the contractual managament

- Notice of commencement filed at the County Gov't (Best 15-50 dollars an owner and GC can spend)

- video updataes weekly or pictures ( GOOGLE + | FACEBOOK | OR A MANAGEMENT SOFTWEAR )

You must haVe a good relationship, trust your builder, and Confirm




Eric Consuegra answered:

Apr 29, 2014

Hey Andy, 

When dealing with contractors out of state, communication is key. I would suggest that email updates be sent by the builder on a weekly basis accomapined by photos of the progress. You should also plan on making personal sites visits as often as possible to ensure quality control. Hope this helps with your project!


Eric Consuegra, AROCON Roofing and Constrcution, LLC

Aug 19, 2014

Hey Andy,

Consider setting up a DropBox account with your builder, so you can receive regular photos of the progress they are making. photos to answer questions you may have about product or performance. Email doesn't work as well because the size of emails restrict the number that can be sent in one email. DropBox allows you to not only post hundreds of photos, but you are also able to post various warranties, etc that you want to save for your own files.

DropBox is pretty convenient, unless of course you'd rather get several emails a day, charting the course of your new home.

Congratulations on the new home!

Chris Stebnitz

Stebnitz Builders

Elkhorn, WI 53121

Aug 14, 2014

Congratulations on building a new home! We agree that great communication and consistent updates are needed. Photos of the updated work can be very helpful. If there are any setbacks such as weather, material unavailability etc… these should be communicated to you as well so that you will have appropriate expectation for when the project will be completed.

Best wishes!

Jun 23, 2015


On a weekly basis you should recieve a job update.  In the update it should let you know if the schedule has changed due to weather, delievery issues, or product delay.  One thing we have done is we set up a picture account.  We take before pictures of a project and then update the photo album every week or two depending on how much progress you are able to see in the photo.  Also we take specific photos of items requested by customers. 

The key is to have good communication!

Good Luck!

Oct 28, 2016

Set up a time with him on a day that works best for you each week, or how often you'd prefer to be updated. You should have an idea of or a clear timeframe for the progress of the home, but if you don't it'll be helpful to get an email from the Builder with a general timeframe and you can work from that when you have your scheduled calls about Job Completion. If they’re professional then they'll explain reasons for any setbacks, the resolutions and the new dates of completion.

Along with this, I would have them first send you a set of photos of the job currently at each angle and in each room and then going forward have him send you photos of the updates. Whether you use Dropbox or anything else to share photos, it's easier to text if both parties don't have an account yet, as there's no limit on the amount files you can text and you don't have to sign up for anything just to get photos. I also wish you luck on the new Home.


Bruce Wiegan of BNW Builders PRO answered:

Apr 18, 2015

Emails (for documentation) and photos.

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