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Custom Concepts Construction

Bryan Jones of GuildQuality PRO asked:

Jan 8, 2015
Jan 8, 2015

There are a few options, depending on the use of the intended space. You can glass the space in to create a four season sunroom. This will insulate the room but can also be costly. There is another material you can use that is vinyl and looks and acts like real glass that is more cost effective. I have attached a video you can watch that demonstrates how this works. There are a few manufacturers that offer the same product. 

Good luck on your next remodel!

Dan Vorona asked:

May 8, 2014
Sep 15, 2014

James Hardie Fiber cement siding would be the best option for the new siding on your home. Hardie House Wrap will help to create a thermal envelope for the exterior of your home.  Foam sheathing can be installed on the exterior walls to increase the insulation R-Factor of your walls. The insulation issues you are having might also be related to problems with your windows in the addition. We recommend that you have the windows inspected as well. The James Hardie materials have an excellent return on investment as well as beauty. It will give your siding the look of real wood without the maintenance. Vinyl siding has serious issues with fading and doesn't provide the long term beauty that James Hardie products will give you.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

Aug 25, 2014
Sep 2, 2014

You will need to contact the DC Zoning Department to get information regarding your property setbacks. Once you get the information on restrictions or limitations in your area there can be a few ideas such as a closed in porch or even sunroom. I have a relative who lives on S Street and he built a two level deck on his townhouse. The areas, if similar to his, are somewhat small and narrow but can be manageable for new construction. Good luck on your project!

Feb 17, 2014
Aug 14, 2014

Congratulations on building a new home! We agree that great communication and consistent updates are needed. Photos of the updated work can be very helpful. If there are any setbacks such as weather, material unavailability etc… these should be communicated to you as well so that you will have appropriate expectation for when the project will be completed.

Best wishes!

Tom Gunter asked:

Jun 9, 2014
Aug 12, 2014

Yes vinyl shutters can absolutely be painted, although maintenance will be required again with normal wear & tear and exposure to the elements. Have you considered replacing them with a low maintenance product? There are a lot of products that can offer the color you desire with the maintenance you also desire... little to none. Here are some examples of shutters that we replaced with low maintenance shutters. 

John Ford asked:

Feb 17, 2014
Aug 12, 2014

Great insulation plays a key factor in energy savings. There are many different options available to increase the energy efficiency of your home.  James Hardie Siding is specifically designed for the climate in which it is installed. Whether you live in a climate with freezing temperatures, snow & ice or a climate with high humidity, heat, and rain; James Hardie has a siding product built for your homes specific needs. Technology has changed tremendously over the years so homes built 15- 20 years ago may have been installed with what was considered cutting edge at the time. Window replacement and the new technology that windows have now can save a great deal of energy costs. A good product that we can recommend also would be the Mezzo Vinyl Window or Integrity by Marvin Windows. These are high performance windows that are engineered to provide outstanding energy efficiency. Major appliances such as heating and A/C units can also offer great energy savings. 

Dave Will asked:

Jun 9, 2014
Aug 6, 2014

Here is a product that is safe and non-toxic for waterproofing walls and even floors. They have various products for different needs. Hope this is helpful, good luck! 

Product Details

Chris Lopez asked:

Jun 28, 2014
Jul 30, 2014

Below is a great link that can walk you through every step precisely and also gives advice on what cleaner to use!

Alex Graham asked:

May 28, 2014
May 29, 2014

Hello Alex, 

We are one of the largest James Hardie Siding Elite Preferred contractors in Maryland and we have done numerous James Hardie installs. We have used this application before; it is called a compound miter. Due to the angle of the siding you will first need to determine the angle at which the siding sits on the house wall, which is typically between 10-15 degrees. The actual corner should be at a 45 degree angle. We have found the easiest way to do this is to begin at the bottom course using short pieces to determine the angle. If you need additional information please do not hesitate to contact us 301-355-4604.

Thank you!

Custom Concepts Construction, Inc.

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