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Mar 17, 2015
Cindy: Sorry I was gone so long...something came up, but I'm back and this time with photos of the arch window!
In looking at the arch window, I'm also wondering if the vacuum seal in between the two panes of glass has been compromised as well. What can we do ourselves to remedy this or can someone just give me an estimate as to how much it would cost to remove and replace this arch window in one day as we need to maintain our security. Thanks so much for any and all suggestions or information! We leave on Va-Ca this weekend so I'll be out of pocket till Monday, 3/30! Linda V Creedmoor, NC 3-17-15
Mar 26, 2015

Hello Linda,

Yep, looks like the seal has failed on your 1/2 circle top window, as well as the grids having collapsed. Easiest and most cost effective way for you handle this is to find a glass replacement company/someone to replace the insulated glass unit, aka IG UNIT.

This would entail NOT removing the window frame itself, which can be way more involved, especially if this window is mulled (industry term for attached) to a window unit below it, which is usually the case. The replacement of the IG unit by itself will save you a big chunk vs the entire window. Looks like it is about 48" wide, just make sure they get the new grids to align with the window below, if there is one.

Good luck!

Bruce Wiegan of BNW Builders PRO answered:

Apr 18, 2015

Definitely looks like a seal failure.  The seal is broken which is causing the cloudy glass.  If the glass is not under warranty you should be able to contact a local glass company to do the repair for you or you can choose a full window replacement as well.

Good luck.

Mar 21, 2015

Cindy/Linda -

Looks like a seal failure to me, which may be covered under a manufacturer warranty for the glass but probably not the labor to install it.  From the unused replacement grille holes in the interior frame it looks to me like an Andersen so I would start there and send pictures to them. Go to and find the warranty dept.  If it's not Andersen try Pella but pretty sure it's not Pella.  If the window is over 20 years old you're probably out of warranty anyway but at least you can get a price for the glass and the labor to install it by the manufacturer as a frame of reference.

It also looks to be a reglazable window, meaning the glass can be replaced without the removing the entire frame.  If the manufacturer path doesn't come through I would call a glazier before a window replacement company to see if only the glass can be replaced.

Don't know the size of the window, but as a frame of reference the window in this picture which is a Pella aluminum clad with Sundefense glass, removable grilles and factory painted interior cost came to around $3000 installed.

Good luck with the project!


Linda Vassilion answered:

Mar 30, 2015

Yeah, that you put it that may have a very good point.

Do YOU know of any co. that would be willing to remove the window, glaze it and replace it in the same day?  If they don't do it in one day, do they provide any type of cover for the opening in the meantime?  If so, that would be okay, but not for longer than 24-hours.  It's up very high and in the front of the house so it's exposed to all - but it is our master bedroom so if it stormed, it could be bad news with a temp. cover fix.

I may just follow your suggestion and see if there is any co. ON HERE (instead of HA) who would be willing to give an on-site estimate (as HA would) - including yourself?

No hurry, however, it would just be nice to know there is a viable solution and how much we would need to set aside for this project.   It must be done at some point, however....

As always...THANKS SO MUCH! :)

Linda in Creedmoor

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