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Mar 17, 2015
Mar 26, 2015

Hello Linda,

Yep, looks like the seal has failed on your 1/2 circle top window, as well as the grids having collapsed. Easiest and most cost effective way for you handle this is to find a glass replacement company/someone to replace the insulated glass unit, aka IG UNIT.

This would entail NOT removing the window frame itself, which can be way more involved, especially if this window is mulled (industry term for attached) to a window unit below it, which is usually the case. The replacement of the IG unit by itself will save you a big chunk vs the entire window. Looks like it is about 48" wide, just make sure they get the new grids to align with the window below, if there is one.

Good luck!

Mar 11, 2015
Mar 11, 2015

Hi Linda,

Sorry you are having problems with a relatively new window. I think more information is needed in order to provide you a valid answer that would actually help you remedy your problem.

Here are some questions that come into play:

  1. The four pieces you say "have fallen down", are you referring to the dividers that either made a tick tac toe or diamond pattern in the glass? If so, are they in-between the glass, or are they external, as in the interior of your home? If they are external, we see broken grids all over Atlanta, and you're not alone. You can buy new replacement grids at a company that specializes in all types of grids. Contact Ro-Suco, you can find them online at, they'll be able to help you if that is the case.
  2. If the grids have broken and collapsed in-between the glass, that is an entirely different matter. In the best of cases, the IG units (Insulated Glass) are installed within the window sashes, will need to be remade to replace the existing ones. The GOOD news is you would NOT need to replace the entire bow window, which will save you $1,000'S!

Linda, feel free to contact me at 770-217-1229 and I'll be happy to help you resolve this so you can enjoy your window like you once did.



U.S. Windows & Exteriors

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