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Linda Vassilion

Mar 17, 2015

Linda Vassilion answered:

Mar 30, 2015

Yeah, that you put it that may have a very good point.

Do YOU know of any co. that would be willing to remove the window, glaze it and replace it in the same day?  If they don't do it in one day, do they provide any type of cover for the opening in the meantime?  If so, that would be okay, but not for longer than 24-hours.  It's up very high and in the front of the house so it's exposed to all - but it is our master bedroom so if it stormed, it could be bad news with a temp. cover fix.

I may just follow your suggestion and see if there is any co. ON HERE (instead of HA) who would be willing to give an on-site estimate (as HA would) - including yourself?

No hurry, however, it would just be nice to know there is a viable solution and how much we would need to set aside for this project.   It must be done at some point, however....

As always...THANKS SO MUCH! :)

Linda in Creedmoor

Feb 7, 2015

Linda Vassilion answered:

Mar 11, 2015

As a 69-yr old homeowner, you must establish a contract with a local pest control company.  I pay $99 per year for mine but...if any termites appear...they treat it for free!   Also...when you sell your home and the buyer's inspector comes out and finds you have will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to have them exterminated AND you cannot close until that it resolved.  So, I suggest you find a reliable, established pest control co., and get them to keep a year-round inspection program with you before it's too late! 

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