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Topic: Commercial roof

james adams asked:

Jul 17, 2015
Jul 22, 2015

Safe Step Walk in Tubs located out of Burnsville, MN has GREAT tubs, and awesome staff. You'll get scheduled for an estimate, where they check out the area, to make sure they can do the job, as far as your plumbing goes, etc. Once you've got that and decide you want to go through with the project, they get everything all set up as far as the permit, and financing, if needed, then they're ready to schedule your install. Depending on your financing needs the jobs can be done fairly quick, within a month to 3 months, and your tub isn't just sitting in a warehouse with a bunch of others! They're custom made, and once you choose your options, they then make the tubs and it gets shipped to the warehouse, to then be brought to your home for installation. They service areas all around the United States, so check them out on BBB, great company!

Feb 17, 2016
Mar 7, 2016

Use plumbing soder that comes in a roll.  Break off a piece and put in the hole then put the screw back in. 

Donna James asked:

Oct 22, 2016

Generally, if there is not a work comp policy in place, you can indeed sue the homeowner. In fact your insurance company might choose to do so, with or without your cooperation! Likewise, if anyone up the chain of command has a work comp policy, that policy could be liable. If you work for a sub who doesn't have work comp, but the general contractor does, then their work comp is probably liable.

So... HOMEOWNERS! This is why it is so important for you to be sure that you hire a contractor who carries a work comp policy. And better yet, that contractor should ensure that it's subcontractors also carry a work comp policy. Otherwise, YOU can be sued by an employee, a subcontractor, the general contractor, or the health insurance company or other insurance company of anyone injured! Good luck on this.

One of my staff made this video to illustrate the situation:

james adams asked:

Jul 17, 2015

Nilza Jackson of WCI Group Inc. PRO answered:

Jul 17, 2015

It depends.  Your contractor has to get the permiting office's approval and if your space doesn't meet code, he/she must request a variance.  Permiting can take a few hours, days and sometimes depends on the local code compliance office in your locale.  An inspection may be done 2-3 times during your project and how fast that happens depends on how many inspectors your locale has.

Feb 17, 2016

I am assuming it is a standard steel entry door handset.  If the screws are not striped, simply tighten the screws as you would on any entry or passage set.

Nia Nelson asked:

Oct 26, 2017

Matthew Torbert answered:

Oct 26, 2017

Hello Nia,

Please give us a call, 469-569-3551. We are a general contractor that specializes in storm restoration. We can handle any project, from the roof to interior repair.


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