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Jan 30, 2017
What are the most popular/valuable indoor or outdoor home fixtures/colors/materials for 2017?
I'm planning on putting my house on the market in the spring, but before I update my home, I'd like to know what's trending right now, in terms of countertops (kitchen and bath), flooring, colors, light fixtures, etc. Basically, what are home buyers liking more and more? And is there anything I should avoid doing/adding?
Feb 1, 2017

As a basement finishing company we're seeing a lot of granite for wet bars, lighter colors. Bathrooms and tile are often favoring gray. Brushed nickel and steel are the most common hardware and fixtures. Clean,simple, easy to mix up with rustic or modern decor.

Jan 30, 2017

We're still seeing a lot of demand for granite and/or quartz countertops.  With the quartz, people are doing more subtle patterns and a lot of marble looks (white with light veining or similar).  Cabinets seem to be following a gray/neutral/white color palette, with lots of clean lines.  We're still seeing stainless steel and brushed nickel for appliances and hardware, however we saw quite a bit of matte brass and gold tones at KBIS this year.  That seems to be making a comeback, but I think that might still depend on your area.  I think oil-rubbed bronze is probably on its way out, unless you're doing a rustic look.  Hope that helps!    

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