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Precision Cabinets, Inc

Jan 30, 2017
Jan 30, 2017

We're still seeing a lot of demand for granite and/or quartz countertops.  With the quartz, people are doing more subtle patterns and a lot of marble looks (white with light veining or similar).  Cabinets seem to be following a gray/neutral/white color palette, with lots of clean lines.  We're still seeing stainless steel and brushed nickel for appliances and hardware, however we saw quite a bit of matte brass and gold tones at KBIS this year.  That seems to be making a comeback, but I think that might still depend on your area.  I think oil-rubbed bronze is probably on its way out, unless you're doing a rustic look.  Hope that helps!    

Joseph Crea asked:

Sep 30, 2015
Oct 1, 2015

Unfortunately, you really can't paint over Thermofoil.  If you don't want to replace all of the cabinets, we usually suggest replacing just the doors and drawer fronts.  Those are done in Thermofoil, but the cabinet boxes and faceframes are painted wood, which can be repainted.  The new doors and drawer fronts could be painted any color you like, and the cabinet boxes can be done to match.  This would give your kitchen a whole new look.  

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