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Bruce James asked:

Nov 17, 2015
I have cracks in my basement concrete. What type of expert can tell me if the problem is serious? How do I find someone who can give me an unbiased appraisal?
Nov 24, 2015

Hire a structural engineer to determine if there is a problem that needs fixing.  If there is he will give you a report and or drawing detailing what to do.  Then call 2 or 3 Class A Building Contractors who are in good standing with BBB, DPOR, have sent you certificates of insurance and current references have checked out. Give them each a copy of the engineers report so they know how to qoute the work and go with the one you feel most comfortable with.  

Nov 19, 2015

All concrete has cracks. The difference is if it leaking or getting worse. Call the local wterproofing or mudd jacking contractor for a site visit.

Jeffery Monti answered:

Nov 22, 2015

I jsut had a new house built and the concrete foundation had a settling crack that ran from the casement window to the floor.  THe only way we resolved it was to hire a local basement waterproofing company (Crack-X - Natick, MA.) who utilized polyurethane injection to seal/fill the crack from the floor up to the window.  It was rouhgly $700.00 for the job.  Some DIY Kit info I found useful can be found at website:

Hope this is useful.


-- Jeff

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