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Tom Gunter asked:

Nov 19, 2014
How can I best get squirrels out of my attic and repair their hole?
We recently moved into a house and have a problem with squirrels in the attic. They have access to the full attic and I can tell they have been through it but they seem to be doing a lot of traveling down the eaves. From all of the noise I get the feeling there are a number of them. We saw them going in and out of the hole in the photo I attached. I know I have some trees around the house to trim back to cut down on their access to the roof. Have you found any methods that work best to get them out of the attic? Also I am wondering what the best materials or methods would be to repair their hole?
Nov 19, 2014

On the squirrel removal, best to call a trapper or get a trap. 

That area agains the home can be covered with some heavy guage counter flashing and sealed up prior to that with some fast setting mortar. 

Dec 9, 2014

We have a client that recently dealt with a similar situation, but it was a racoon. They installed a one-way door, made from galvanized mesh, over the hole. Once the varment was out, the clean-up and repairs could be made. There are liquids that be applied that will keep them away once everything is sealed up.

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