Photo By Allen Construction. Traditional Exterior

Traditional Exterior

These owners bought this small, 100-year old, Queen Anne style house when they first married. The 1,100 sq. ft. two-bedroom home sat on a tiny lot in downtown Santa Barbara. When children entered the picture, instead of moving to a bigger house in the suburbs, they decided to stay put so they could enjoy the amenities of downtown living: walking to school, nearby restaurants, movie theaters and parks. This meant modifying the existing attic into two new bedrooms, adding a one-car garage, and improving the overall comfort and energy efficiency of the structure. The kitchen was updated. Original oak floors were refinished where they could be and replaced where they couldn’t. All this was accomplished while maintaining the home’s old world charm and overcoming the challenges of remodeling a century old structure to create a family home that will last for decades. The remodel was designed by Thompson Naylor Architects and interiors by Jessica Risko Smith Interior Design.