Photo By Landis Architects/Builders. Mondrian Inspired Custom Cabinets In Bethesda, MD Home

Mondrian Inspired Custom Cabinets in Bethesda, MD Home

When we think of custom cabinets, we often think of them as places where we can store and hide things away. We have become familiar with the very well thought out and highly functional cabinets in kitchens, but have you thought about artful custom cabinets for your living room, dining room, or library where you can not only store, but also display your collected objects? In a recent Landis Design/Build project, our designer Doug Pettit took inspiration from the Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian. In many of his painting from the 1920's, Mondrian reduced shapes to lines and rectangles using asymmetrical balance. Doug references this asymmetrical combination of elements in these cabinets. These Bethesda clients, who have contemporary tastes and furnishings, wanted space not only for storage, but also for displaying their art objects and books. In these library cabinets Doug echoes some of the similar horizontal and vertical shapes combined with asymmetry. The room's window becomes one of the rectangular elements of the design. In their living room, Doug designed floating shelves for the wall with rectilinear cabinets below for storing stereo and other electronic equipment. The floating shelves are the result of deconstructing and removing the vertical elements of Mondrian's work. The shelves are custom-built in oiled walnut and are a perfect complement to the contemporary furnishings. Floating shelves with cabinets below of oiled walnut and are a perfect complement to the contemporary owners's furnishings. Landis has a depth of experience in designing and building beautiful and beautifully-crafted custom cabinets for any room in the house and in many styles from traditional to contemporary. Some are made by our talented carpenters in-house and some of our designs are sub-contracted to fine cabinetmakers like Kyle England, who made these.