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Topic: Exterior remodel

Jun 12, 2019

James Jenkins answered:

Sep 25, 2020

Usually the Roofing company will do both. I started my roofing company in 1989 and the first 2 year's i would do both. And now it just makes to much business sence to use a subcontractor . But i 90% of my work is existing homeowners if you are buying from a builder They may use 2 different company's very likely if it is a big builder. They are trying to keep there margins as high as they can. A new small builder will normally use one company Usually the Roofing Company. But when i used a sub i was the company that carried the warranty on the roof and gutters. My customers never new they where subs. I hope that helped you. Things are changing very fast in the industry but still do it this way my customers like to use one contractor.

Jun 9, 2019
Sep 26, 2019

The only leverage you might have now since they are deneying it and already have their money is to start placing bad reviews of them online. 

Top review sites are Google, BBB, Yelp, Houzz and Facebook.  Also Angie's List and Home Advisor are good if they are on these platforms? 

Give them one last chance to correct the problem along with a list these review platforms that you WILL be posting bad reviews on if it is not resolved within a stated timeline.  If they are smart then they should resolve the problem.  

If not, then place the bad reviews and send them a list of website links of each of the bad reviews.  Let them know that once they resolve the problem then you will take all the bad reviews off.  

Not much else you can do except go legal and this does not seem to warrant that?

Best to You

Jun 12, 2019
Aug 22, 2019

Brenda, Usually a roofing company or just a gutter company can do gutter work. Elbert Construction does it. CAll if you'd like to set up an appointment.


Jun 9, 2019

Gene Lewis answered:

Aug 12, 2019

Then how are you handling this problem? They are ofcourse fraud and justice needs to be done. I think you must reach out to the Home Quality Remodeling contractors online for the professional advice on this. They are licensed and very professional. So, they can solve your problem easily by giving you the best solution possible.

Apr 20, 2016

Eric Broome answered:

Jul 31, 2019

Everything the rest said above but, in regards to the warranty: 

Check with your Secretary of State and see how long they have been in business.  If they are giving you a 10 year warranty, but have only been around for 6 months, then who cares?  They won't be around long enough for you to have a warranty issue.  

On the other hand, if the one around for 2 years has been around for 10 years, then they probably know that no one calls them for legitimate warranty issues 10 years later, and simply cuts it short so that they aren't called back to fix work that they didn't do.  

Jun 12, 2019
Jul 2, 2019

Who is the builder sub-contracting the work to? THere are companies that do nothing but gutters. THere are also siding companies who handle the gutters. 

Jun 12, 2019
Jun 19, 2019

Gutters are installed by specialized gutter contractors. They will make the gutters to fit your home with the least amount of seams.

Jun 12, 2019
Jun 13, 2019

A gutter installer.  Some times a siding installer will, but usually it's a separate trade.

Jun 9, 2019
Roofing Replacement Farce About a year ago, I had to have my entire roof replaced. The owner of Blue Longhorn Roofing and Construction, Jesse Salas, said he would take care of me and that he was also getting me a "upgraded" roof. It took them almost 3 months to complete the job. In the middle he fired one crew and another had to start. They were all illegals. I asked the insurance inspector to come back out and make sure the job was completed properly. He said they don't do that. Now, after a recent storm blew through here I found shingles in my backyard. It is a two story house I obviously cannot go up there to look. I filed a claim with my insurance and while waiting for the inspector to come I went on Home Advisor and found a roofing contractor who lives nearby and he came and looked at the roof and took pictures. He questioned whether or not the insurance paid for a complete roof replacement. I assured him that they did to the tune of $6400+. He told me and showed me the pictures proving that there were 5 different colors of shingles used on the back side of the house where it cannot be seen from the street. He said he had never seen anything like it in all of his career. When the inspector came a few days later, he confirmed that there were 5 different colors of shingles used in an area of the roof that could not be seen from the street. (You can see it now because they are starting to build houses behind me and there are now streets). When I texted Jesse Salas about this he denied it. He said he would never do anything like that. He told me that it was probably the other roofer making that up in order to get a roofing job. I told him that I have proof and that the insurance inspector had also confirmed that. He said that he would come out and look and he would also send someone from his company to look at it and they would make it right. Someone came when I was not home and left a business card and no one has been back since. They won't answer their phones and are not returning emails or texts anymore. I told him that I either want my money back, the 5 different colors of shingles replaced with those that match the rest of the roof or the entire roof replaced. His last words to me were "you are not my only customer". I went by the address on his website: and it is a storage unit. I was not out to hurt the guy or his business, I just want this mess fixed. If this affects the sales price of my house then we will be talking lawsuit. Don't know what else to do. (See photos attached) Charyle Minet
Mar 25, 2019
May 7, 2019

I agree, no less than 4/12 but the sheathing must be layered 100% with Ice & Water memebrane first.

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