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Topic: Exterior painting

Mar 8, 2015

Bruce Wiegan of BNW Builders PRO answered:

Apr 18, 2015

Are you looking solely for paint options or new exterior cladding options.  If the latter, go to

Great product.

Mar 8, 2015
Mar 18, 2015

All of the premium coatings have been improving the last few years.  Our company uses Sherwin - Williams SuperPaint for the Body and Duration for the trim.  If you can afford duration for the whole house it could be worth the extra dollars. 

The newest thing is that paint has gotten expensive !

Thank you

Feb 17, 2014
Mar 12, 2015

If you currenlty have a house that is part brick and part siding (as opposed to all brick)... paint it.  If it's all brick with only wood trim accents, get a designers opinion.  If painting, be sure to use a premium bonding latex primer (like Gripper) and finish coat.  It'll make the house appear bigger and cleaner.  Most moisture will work its way through premium latex finishes and if it's enough moisture coming through the wall to deteriorate brick or cause your paint to peel, you've got a bigger issue to address.

Mar 8, 2015
Mar 12, 2015

Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Satin finish is the only way to go.  If you don't have the ability to reside or replace your paint-needing product with something maintenance free.... Duration.

Aug 26, 2014
Aug 30, 2014

 Older homes are a specialty. Check with homes near by and ask neighbors. If neighbors have have had a good experience often they will be willing to share a phone number.

 Be sure that the contractor you hire is certified to work with pre 1978 homes. The OSHA and EPA certifications or RRP guidelines (Restoration, Renovation, Paint standards)  must be followed to protect employees and the general public from the harmful effects of lead paint products. Good Luck!

Aug 26, 2014
Aug 28, 2014

Where is your historical home located?  Any reputable paint supplier should be able to recommend licensed, reputable painters.  We prefer Aboff's Paints or Sherwin Williams Paints.  If you are on Long Island check our out website

Feb 17, 2014
Mar 12, 2014


I woulld consult with a professional painting company for more information., however in my experience when encountering brick chimneys which have been painted, I have seen cases where moisture was trapped behind the paint causing the brick to deteriorate and flake off.  Again, a painting company may be able to recommend a specific paint that will be appropriate for this application. Hope this helps!

Eric Consuegra, Arocon Roofing and Construction, LLC

Feb 17, 2014
Feb 25, 2014

What is the wall construction of the home?

Before making a recommendation about painting, you have to know what the vapor permeance and structure of the wall is.  Improper placement of a vapor retarder can have disatrous implications.

WoW Home Solutions

Feb 17, 2014
Feb 24, 2014


It is perfectly fine to paint brick.  Here are some things to consider.  You need to clean it fiirst.  I recommend a thorough power wash with a 25 degree tip.  Keep the nozzle back at least six inches while you are doing this.  Then, you need to rub your fingertips across the brick and mortar.  If a lot of particles are dislodged, you need to apply a masonry conditioner.  This will help bind the particles together.  If no particles, or very few, are dislodged, then apply a masonry primer.  Remember to let the surface dry  for at least three days after the powerwash.  You are forcing water throught the brick and it will take a few days for it to dry.  After the primer or conditioner has dried, apply a high quality latex or elastomeric paint.  You will enjoy your work for many years.

One proviso:  Do not paint the brick if it is horizontal like the top of a planter.  That will peel and very quickly.  However, painting on brick on sidewalls is perfectly fine.

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