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Aug 25, 2015
My parents have 60 year old frame 1 story with full basement. Water is beginning to seap in at the floor to wall morter joint. Is there an inside fix?
water proofing from outside is not an option. Water has been diverted from outside as much as possible.
Aug 31, 2015

Drylock is a product that is readily available at home depot brush corners roll walls can be applied to damp surfaces follow directions on can this should help

Aug 28, 2015

I would also check two things. Make sure all of the downspouts are running far enough away from the house. The ground is always moving. There could have been some settling that is now draining water back toward the house. Aldo, make sure all gutters are working proerly - no leaks.

If the ground seems to be diving down and back in to the home, bring in some black dirt to slope it back away from the house. This would obviously be the quickets and least expensive fix. Often times, it's the overlooked fix that would have solved the issue, rather than diverting water with a new wall system.

Good luck.


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