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Aug 5, 2019
After new siding install we have a small leak behind the siding when it rains.
We have a porch roof that butts up against the house. Before the new siding was put in we didn't have any issues, but after the new siding we have a small leak (see pics). Gutters are clean and seem to flow fine, no major rain overflow or anything. I am just looking for some insight on how to start trouble shooting it. Can I get up there with a hose to check it somehow, or something along those lines? Should that strip where the porch roof meets the house under the window be sealed somehow? Thank you, Jake

It appears that you are missing both step flashing (between the roof and the wall) and the head flashing (above the trim running parallel to the roof line). Here is the link to the Hardie Best Practices manual with specs on both flashings:

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