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John Ford asked:

Feb 17, 2014
Kitchen remodel plans: can anyone share any tips on how to pick the best options?
We are in search for some ideas for a potential project in our home.

John Ford answered:

Mar 7, 2014

Have you considered what type of theme you'd like for your kitchen? This was a major area of concern back in '06 when we redid ours.

Marty Brummel of M.K. Brummel PRO answered:

Feb 18, 2014

The best options really will depend on your budget. You want to have the best "flow" in the kitchen that you can, keeping your appliances within a general 'triangle design". If you are talking options as in granite vs quartz vs Corian vs laminate, budget will determine that. I prefer quartz over granite because of less long term maintenance. The finish on cabinetry is also a detail that can make a huge difference. Glazed finishes are very nice, but can be expensive. Sometime custom cabinetry can be almost as economical as "box" cabinets when you factor in the additional labor needed to install box cabinets. I hope that helps some.

Mar 18, 2014

First, figure out how you are going to use the space. What works about your current kitchen that you would like to maintain? What drives you nuts, and how can you solve that? How you use the space will influence the design of it.

Secondly, take a look at what you can reasonably afford. If you have a very low budget, DIY options may be the way to go. If you have a bit more disposable income, you might look in to hiring either an architect, designer, or design-build company to take a look at the project for you and give you a solid design to base your work upon. 

These people will get to know you and your space, and will be able to tailor a layout or design based on your needs and your desires. Some professionals will also cater that design to your budget (design-build firms usually specialize in this type of approach). 

Here's a link to the history of design build!

This website also has a great video on the history of design build. 

Bessie Krueger answered:

Mar 6, 2014

This completely depends on your choice what you want? You budget. Before starting of with the process analyze your budget and requirements. Whether you want chnage your Interiors design style completely or you want to go with existing one. You must consider the latest remodeling trend as well.

Check out the latest Kitchen remodeling trends of 2014 .

Apr 1, 2014

We always suggest clients spend some time on Pinterest first to narrow down their ideas since there are so many options available.  You don't want to discover what your budget will allow by spending endless hours confusing material selection with company selection.  Next, research online and find 3 good companies to interview, narrowing your search down to one.  It is an involved process so you have to have chemistry with the person you work with.  Make sure they will be available throughout the process, not just for the sale.  Consider all components to the kitchen: appliances, cabinetry, heating sources-gas, electric etc, flooring, flow & lighting. 

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