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Aug 6, 2015
Is a contractor responsible for returning things to their rightful state even if its out of the scope of their contract?
I had electrical work done and they messed up the wires going to the security system. now it won't function. They said the reconnected it but now they are saying they don't mess with security systems. Do I call my security company and send the contractor the bill? I would like to add that i'm of the mindset that you do what is right not what you can get away with and most people don't follow that so I'm not sure to what extent people CAN be held accountable.
Aug 10, 2015

I suggest you get the security company who monitors the system to repair it. They can tell you whether the electricians caused the damage. If so, send the bill to the electricians. In general, they should be responsible for damage they caused. In certain cases, it could fall under exclusion in the fine print of their quote or other printed materials you should reasonably have been expected to know about. If the wiring was a hidden condition or they had no knowledge it was there, they may not owe you for it. In that case, their desire for your good will might still recover it for you.

Sep 1, 2015

I think it is necessary to sit down and calmly talk about this issue.  Most people in the service business do the right thing.  But it is a two way street and normally it is best to find the middle path.

Philip Anderson

HDR Remodeling

Berkeley Ca

Marty Brummel of M.K. Brummel PRO answered:

Aug 28, 2015

What wiring did they exactly "mess up"? Was it the circuit to power the equipment or the low voltage lines? Either way, they should have used care to keep things where they belonged. If it was going to be an issue, they should have brought it to your attention early and said that you would have to possibly talk to your security people about resetting things. It appears to be a lack in communication during the work process.

Marty Brummel

M.K. Brummel, Inc. Fine Remodeling and Building

Dec 18, 2015

I think a combination of the below suggestion is in order. The first would be to talk with electrican and tell them you will have the security company come and fix the issue. But, also if they find that it was caused by the electrican you expect them to cover the repair cost. If it was damaged because it was hidden and they could not know it was there, then a split of cost may be more reanonable. 

Negotiate in good faith, but if they are found responsible and become uncooperative, then places like the BBB my bes the best best.

Aug 6, 2015

The contractor should have told you upfront that they don't deal with security systems before messed it up. It seems fair to me to let the Contractor know that you expect them to pay the bill for the security company to make the repairs.

Dennis Gehman

Gehman Design Remodeling

Nilza Jackson of WCI Group Inc. PRO answered:

Aug 17, 2015

I would ask to speak with the owner of the business.  If they were responsible for the damage...and you can prove it was them that caused the system to fail (your security company will tell you)...then a smart business owner will want to make it right and reimburse you. If he doesn't, then file a complaint with the BBB, your local Electrical Workers union and if push comes to shove, small claims court to recover damages.

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