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Mar 11, 2015
Can we fix the interior of a "bow-shaped" window or do we have to hire someone to remove and replace it?
The lovely "bow" or "arched" window which is above and separate from the two windows below it...needs to be replaced for COSMETIC reasons. The bow-shaped window has 4 pieces of (?) that created a pattern inside the window, but over the years, those 4 pieces have fallen down and it's ruined the appearance of the window. Other than that...the window is perfect but we know it will cost a lot of money to have it removed and replaced and the co. who installed it in 2004, went out of business. Nothing pressing, but we would really like to remove it, put the 4 pieces back where they belong but with apoxy and and put it back or remove it and replace it ourselves. Any ideas out there would be highly appreciated! Sorry, but I can't find the photos I took of it. Thanks! :)
Mar 11, 2015

Hi Linda,

Sorry you are having problems with a relatively new window. I think more information is needed in order to provide you a valid answer that would actually help you remedy your problem.

Here are some questions that come into play:

  1. The four pieces you say "have fallen down", are you referring to the dividers that either made a tick tac toe or diamond pattern in the glass? If so, are they in-between the glass, or are they external, as in the interior of your home? If they are external, we see broken grids all over Atlanta, and you're not alone. You can buy new replacement grids at a company that specializes in all types of grids. Contact Ro-Suco, you can find them online at, they'll be able to help you if that is the case.
  2. If the grids have broken and collapsed in-between the glass, that is an entirely different matter. In the best of cases, the IG units (Insulated Glass) are installed within the window sashes, will need to be remade to replace the existing ones. The GOOD news is you would NOT need to replace the entire bow window, which will save you $1,000'S!

Linda, feel free to contact me at 770-217-1229 and I'll be happy to help you resolve this so you can enjoy your window like you once did.



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Bruce Wiegan of BNW Builders PRO answered:

Apr 18, 2015

Photos would be needed to give acurate solutions.


Mar 13, 2015

Hi Linda,

Can we schedule a phone call, and we would like to see some pics. Look forward to speaking with you.



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