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Jun 7, 2014
Are galvanized nails supposed to be used when nailing studs in a pressure treated sill plate on a slab? or is 3 inch smooth framing nails code?
Jun 10, 2014

As Brittany stated earlier, we only use hot-dipped galvanized in this application. It is not a code issue but it does make a huge impact on quality and what will be seen for years to come.

Jun 8, 2014

The correct nail to be used is a Hot dipped galvanized nail. Nail diameter and size are different on all applications . A regular galvanized nail is only electo galvanized meaning as soon as the driver from the vail gun strikes the nail that part is no longer galvanized . Always use hot dipped for all aplications and you'll be safe. Sometimes We have to go repair entire houses where siders us the electro galvanized instead of paying the $10 more for the correct nails and you will see the nail heads actually rusting. Great question though. Hoped this help.

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