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Brittany B

John Ford asked:

Feb 17, 2014
Dec 11, 2014

As a builder I could tell you there is no right answer. I built my home on the water and I have switched from eal grass to artificial . My reasoning was to conserve water and time. Now I can also focas my time on other things. I've addded a complet creek that runs down my entite property into the lake and addded palm tees and other floweers and tees. The amazing thing is hoe green my yard always appears from lake and now I have installed over 20 other homes with the same product. For me the switch was completely worth it as well as all the new clients I've gathered from it. It's a personal decision for sure.

Jun 7, 2014
Jun 8, 2014

The correct nail to be used is a Hot dipped galvanized nail. Nail diameter and size are different on all applications . A regular galvanized nail is only electo galvanized meaning as soon as the driver from the vail gun strikes the nail that part is no longer galvanized . Always use hot dipped for all aplications and you'll be safe. Sometimes We have to go repair entire houses where siders us the electro galvanized instead of paying the $10 more for the correct nails and you will see the nail heads actually rusting. Great question though. Hoped this help.

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