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Charles Clemons

Dec 24, 2016

1) Fiberglass tubs are notorious for getting hairline cracks that usually open up when someone is standing in it with the water running.

2) Also it might be a leak from upstream (plumbing behind the walls going in) such as a leaking copper pipe or loose pex fitting. It could also be in your drainage as well. 

3) Is it a one piece shell? Sometimes fiberglass units come in 1, 2 or more pieces and can leak at the seams. Use a sealant to fil in these seams if you have any. 

4) I've actually seen windows in a tub unit leak rain, etc behind the unit and it appeared as if the tub was leaking. 

Your best bet may be to pull out the unit and see where the leaking appears to be happening. 

Good luck! 

Adam Knecht asked:

Aug 30, 2016
Aug 30, 2016

That sounds like it is a GFCI outlet, which simply put means your outlet has it's own breaker. Most codes now require outside electrical outlets to be GFCI for safety reasons. If it is flashing red it probably means the test button has been tripped by a finger or the breaker within the GFCI has been tripped from an electrical surge. If it has been tripped then it shouldn't have any power to it. Most have a reset button, press it and you should have power again. It it continues to trip, call a licensed electrician. 

Jun 7, 2015
Aug 20, 2016

I have seen some extremely nice patio umbrellas with large bases that can cover quite a large area on a patio. These do not attach to the home and usually do not attract HOA disaprovals. I'd also recommend observing some of your neighbors and see what they have done to create shade on their patio. Finally contact your HOA and see what they suggest.   

Jul 27, 2016
Aug 20, 2016

There are several options you might select to create a "usable" outdoor area for you, family and friends. 

1) Have a concrete pad poured to extend the current pad you have or to create a new one. These are durable and last decades with the minor issue of possible cracking. 

2) Create a backyard stone pad. Stone pads look great and don't have the cracking issues of concrete pads. 

3) If cost is a major issue, create a pebble or gravel area. Although it's not the best idea to walk on barefooted, it does create a flat area for a picnic table or beach chairs for example.

4) A gazebo is a wonderful way to create a sitting area outside that that doesn't have a patio. It also creates shade and is quite eye pleasing. 

5) A wood or composite deck can create a great outdoor area and it doesn't necessarily have to be attached to your home. 

Once you chose your method of backyard area, accent it with solar or electric lights, sun shades, furniture, plants and yard art to make it trully yours and to add character to your outdoor living space! 

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