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Billy Gavigan

Aug 7, 2015
Aug 20, 2015

Those who are dedicated should Come. If not look to another level of standards.  

The GuildQuality Program is a great way to focus on what is important, The Client. The Surveys allow the Client to feedback to the Builders or contractors. To ensure a great achivment build the GQ principals and ethos into your interactions. It's not easy although separation from your peers shines. If you are in the Lowcountry stop by


Feb 15, 2016
Feb 16, 2016

Ask Your Wife First!!! Happy Wife Happy Life... and Hire a professional Do Not attempt this under taking witht he amout of recon and intel You have provided here.

here are a few industry terms

  Deck Building Terms

Deck Diagram

Here are some of the terms you'll need to know to complete this project:

Beam: A horizontal support member (Also see post.)

Decking: The material installed over the supporting framing members to which the roofing material is applied

Edge: Either of the two longer sides of a board, perpendicular to the face

Face: Either of the two wide surfaces of a board

Footing: The base on which a masonry wall or other support rests. It spreads out the load to prevent settling

Joists: Horizontal framing members that support a floor or ceiling.

Pilot Hole: A small-diameter hole that guides a nail or screw

Post: Any vertical support member

Rim Joist: The outermost joist in a structure's floor framing

Rise: The vertical distance from one point to another above it; a measurement you need in planning a stairway or ramp (Also see run.)

Run: The horizontal distance a ramp or stairway traverses (Also see rise.)

Screed: Leveling concrete, sand or other material by pulling a board pipe or other straightedge across it in a sawing motion

Three-Four-Five Triangle: An easy, mathematical way to check whether a large angle is square. Measure 3 feet along one side, 4 feet along the other. if the corner is square, the diagonal distance between those two points will equal 5 feet.

Toenail: To drive nails at an angle.

Mark Miles asked:

Jan 13, 2015
Jan 15, 2015

WINE LOCATIONS FOR HOMES TIPS BY GAVIGAN: try to focus on the location and what the intent is. Eacch region offeres different benifits and depending on the use and frequency an owner can make a show piece or a true wine cellar or wine rack. Proper plannning makes for amazing spaces. Be Bold and Be Creative - Billy-

Mark Miles asked:

Jan 13, 2015
Jan 19, 2015

Mark, the answer depends on the topo ie the slope and terrain. Consult a local structual engineer..

proper drainage away, footers, rock, filter cloth, french drainect ect ( water is a hydrolic tool)

The design and layout are also important

*** A great engineer showed us the value of reenforcing a wall with a block planting box....  this gave an enormus amount of protection from failure

Best of Luck

Billy Gavigan


Mark Miles asked:

Jan 13, 2015
Jan 29, 2015


if you need amazing go with 4k tech and tv video. this is trending now for media although, I believe the more informal family setting is popular.

The Clients who have new homes are spending more time with family and less time in a formal movie setting area. Families are coming together and the market has shown that in the end family and the friends you have are more important than anything. We look for more Family centered engagment in a setting. NO DATA OR IPADS ALLOWED. 

At Gavigan we even have gone so far as to have a NO DATA policy layout i.e. a room for Computers and data devices only. the owners may have a plan or family only in the family room and talk or enjoy time without data.

Ask your Clients about a Data room.  try making a no data policy and engage in family time layout. Having two beautiful daughters and the best wife has shown this to work in our home as much as we can... its a challange although a goal :-]

Billy Gavigan


Ralph Kerr asked:

Feb 15, 2015
Feb 22, 2015

Ralph, Security Systems as we know have come along way over the years. The "glass break" or "open" sensors are what I believe you're speaking of. We use the ADT Pulse systems because of System functionality and how it operates.  My Previous Career Experiances are in Militarty EOD ( Bomb Squad) operations to include Advaced training in access and Denial Training/ operations  of each system and sensors. So my answer is based solely on the specific question answered. 1. Bruce is Spot on about warranty checks although I would add that ADT would more than Likly come out and reinstall or update at little to no cost and there functionality to me is key and they would be the ones with the experiace and structure to validate. From an Experiance base answer I would suggest looking possibly at updating to a Pulse style system or aka Smart home system that allows Video and active security measures. The importance of the installer or service provider being the installer  is based on the " durning Need time frame". knowing your system is set right is piece of mind and could be life saving.  Active motion sensor lights | IR and Proximity sensors inside | And a HOME setting for perimeter security are good standards of practice. Gavigan Homes


the best security system is a great plan and training 

James Sanyi asked:

Jan 1, 2015
Jan 2, 2015

Plyfast is a leading system for proper windborne debree protection. There is a less cost intensive way. Your options are functional shutters, OSB pre drilled and ready to set or a hybrid. Http:// either way ensure your plan is ready Andy easy to install. I'd suggest a waterproof membrane over OSB And pre lagged easy to apply system. Test before you need it. 

Security mods may be done for man made situations also. Be prepared and leave early in a potential Natural disaster 


Billy Gavigan 

Pres Gavigan 

John Tuseth asked:

Nov 1, 2014
Jan 2, 2015


BOMB SQUAD ANSWER// HTH or better known as house hold bleach. As an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operator House hold bleach can be your greatest weapon for biological items such as mold. Add a little dawn soap to stick to the surface.  Spray, allow to treat, and then scrub and rinse! 

Pres Gavigan Construction

Billy Gavigan 

Alex Graham asked:

Feb 17, 2014
Jan 12, 2015

The market is coming back and strong in many markets.... Gor GC's Ensuring the Quailty of the Sub contractors labor are challanging do to the turn over and the level of quality expected. Owners should ensure the scope of work is set to protect the project Gavigan Construction  ensures the quality through supervision and proper agreements

Do not lower your Standards , ever 

John Ford asked:

Feb 17, 2014
Jan 15, 2015

MANCAVE BY GAVIGAN:  No Manly man's Man Cave or home is complete without a secret room or storage facility for valuables, extra supplies, or firearms if they choose. The allure of your capability and safe keeping make it a great feature although better off to keep it undisclosed. Sensors may be applied if guests are over and set even if the Alarm is off. Gavigan Homes offers many amamamzing places picked up during a project and they are never located in the same place. If they Can't find it they cant steal it- GAVIGAN HOMES

Feb 17, 2014
Jan 19, 2015


ANDY, YOUR CONCERNS ARE VALID AND ERIC & CHRIS are Spot on...   COMMUNICATE AND I WOULD ADD VALIDATE. Here in the Lowcountry concerns are the same for soem clients.

Protect your custom build by Video monitoring and third party inspections by actual inspectors. In the age of Video monitoring a simple data and power drop allows 24/7 video monitorings for the owner and Contractor. Most cable compabnies will run the data drops since you will use them after. (We provide this service free now for our owners out of market.)

- Validation of Lien Releases & Material Lien based on scopes and agreements, the pitfalls are in the contractual managament

- Notice of commencement filed at the County Gov't (Best 15-50 dollars an owner and GC can spend)

- video updataes weekly or pictures ( GOOGLE + | FACEBOOK | OR A MANAGEMENT SOFTWEAR )

You must haVe a good relationship, trust your builder, and Confirm




Alex Graham asked:

Feb 17, 2014
Jan 19, 2015

Alex, the region you are in is crucial and consider the cost vs time of recapitization

Jan 21, 2015
Jan 28, 2015

Sealing the floor with an epoxy or sealer is a great feature like Bob said. Also make it a hang out with cool furniture and theme it to match what you love...

A finished room over the garage is a great place for guests to stay on your property and not feel like they are "in the way" from Inlaws to old friends the Guest suite can be an amazing place to get away

If the ultimate work shop is your flavor look into conditioned space or controling the moisture

- Note check building codes and NEVER use existing HVAC  for garage area space to be applied to cool/ heat. mixing living space and garage space on the same system is very dangerous due to gases and fumes.

SPOUSE TIP: Always look to an expert and Let your loved one do what they do best and Outsorce the rest

Billy Gavigan

Feb 7, 2015
Feb 8, 2015

To Spray or Trap? treatment for termitets

Joe, the question you ask is a question to a deeper need in home ownership. Ask not how many times you should have your home sprayed for termites... ask what your warranty company should do for you to stay active and in place. Many home owners know about the termites that are active in the lands in our regions although the bond or warranty is more important at the end of the day. Make sure your home is protected and has a company that can stand behind thier treatment both active and passive. Check what type of system they use and chemicals. Most importantly read the warranty or Bond. At Gavigan we use a  wood treatment during construction and a Taexx pest control wall sytem. If your home is built already do not worry about what was done before its more important to ensure what is current. bait traps, tests, and a good company will have a plan. Great Question...

Inspect and Validate

Billy Gavigan


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