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James Sanyi asked:

Jan 1, 2015
I live in a hurricane prone area. Is there a product that can make placing plywood over the windows easier?
I'm looking for maybe a channel to slide the plywood into it versus having to screw it in.
Jan 2, 2015

Plyfast is a leading system for proper windborne debree protection. There is a less cost intensive way. Your options are functional shutters, OSB pre drilled and ready to set or a hybrid. Http:// either way ensure your plan is ready Andy easy to install. I'd suggest a waterproof membrane over OSB And pre lagged easy to apply system. Test before you need it. 

Security mods may be done for man made situations also. Be prepared and leave early in a potential Natural disaster 


Billy Gavigan 

Pres Gavigan 

Jan 9, 2015

Hello James, 

If you have issues with wind uplift on your roof as well, you may look into metal roofing. Interlock, for instance, developed a roofing system where each shingle is locked on all four sides, making it a very resistant to windstorms. The inorganic nature of metal also helps to keep you roof attractive for decades.

You are welcome to read more on our website:

Another option, which I have not used myself, is used a lot in Houston.  This company sells a clip that is attached to 1/2"plywood, and you can typically get them at your local Home Depot. 

From their website: 

PLYLOX™ window clips are patented h-shaped carbon steel clips engineered to fit 1/2" plywood without nails, screws or adhesives. There is no longer any need to drill holes in brick in order to protect your windows from storm damage.

Just an FYI...  Good luck.

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