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Mark Miles asked:

Jan 13, 2015
What are the latest trends in media rooms?
Jan 28, 2015

A dedicated home theater room has not been as popular as it used to. A growing trend appears to be hybrid spaces where a large LED 4k TV or a hidden projector screen is used. Consumers like their movies and music so the addition of a media server to store music, videos, and use the internet is growing popular. Now you can watch YouTube videos from your couch instead of the office. Wiring a home is a painstaking process and expensive so many homeowners gravitate towards the SONOS wireless setup or a soundbar. The audiophiles will always want better speakers and sound quality though.

Jan 29, 2015


if you need amazing go with 4k tech and tv video. this is trending now for media although, I believe the more informal family setting is popular.

The Clients who have new homes are spending more time with family and less time in a formal movie setting area. Families are coming together and the market has shown that in the end family and the friends you have are more important than anything. We look for more Family centered engagment in a setting. NO DATA OR IPADS ALLOWED. 

At Gavigan we even have gone so far as to have a NO DATA policy layout i.e. a room for Computers and data devices only. the owners may have a plan or family only in the family room and talk or enjoy time without data.

Ask your Clients about a Data room.  try making a no data policy and engage in family time layout. Having two beautiful daughters and the best wife has shown this to work in our home as much as we can... its a challange although a goal :-]

Billy Gavigan


Feb 10, 2016

Home theathers/media rooms are trending. Have the room wired with mulitiple A/V options, and definietely hard wired for a data connection. Many people are having niches designed specifically to fit their large screened tv's. We are also seeing a large request for platforms that are wired for special theater-like seating. I have attached some pictures of these options. 

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