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Sean Cook asked:

Feb 17, 2014
What are the questions that remodeling customers forget to ask when selecting a contractor?
Apr 15, 2014

What experience do you have in this type of house?  Can you give me names of one or two (not three) clients for which you have done this type of work? How long does it take from start of design to significant completion?

Philip Anderson

HDRRemodeling. Berkeley, Ca

Apr 17, 2014

Will the workers be employees? or subcontractors? These people may be working in your home, maybe while you are at work.  Have they had background checks?  While most companies are required to have Liability insurance to get and kee their license, do they have Workers' Compensation insurance in the event a worker gets hurt?  How long will the project take?  Will they be disturbing Lead paint or asbestos?  If so, make sure they are certified to deal with these materials.

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