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Alex Graham asked:

May 14, 2014
The Nest thermostat and its competitors: What do the pros think?
We're building a new home and love the idea of Nest thermostats: Attractive, easy to use, programmable via our iPhones, and "smart" when it comes to energy use and conservation. Lately, a handful of Nest competitors have come on the market, we're trying to choose which way to go, and would appreciate some professional advice. Thanks! More info here: And here (about competitors):
May 19, 2014

With anything like this, I hate to be the first especially with this manufacturer. They brought out the Nest smoke detector and it get recalled.  I would rather wait  and watch the press and blogs and when the dust clears and all is good then starting specifiing them. 

Phililp Anderson

Berkeley CA

While there are pros to the Nest, there are other options out there that offer more features and better home comfort control.  The Prestige IAQ from Honeywell is a fantastic option. 

The Prestige is a feature rich, internet capable thermostat.  It has a large, full color touchscreen display.  Homeowners have the option of downloading the Comfort Control App from Honeywell at no charge; so it can be controlled from any phone, computer, or tablet.

The Prestige can also eliminate the need for a seperate humidistat to control the humidifier.  It has wireless outdoor sensors, so the temperature and humidity is monitored indoors and out. 

The Prestige has built-in Delta T Sensors.  These sensors monitor the temperature rise and drop of the HVAC system and will alert the homeowner with an email if there is a need for a service call.  Service reminders can also be programmed in to email the homeowner when it is time for annual maintenance, filter changes, and humidifier pad changes.

The Prestige IAQ is the choice for our company when a homeowner wants to upgrade to an internet capable, smart thermostat.

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