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bob web asked:

Jul 29, 2015
Is there a company that provides a weather proof moving module that the homeowner can fill up with the clean clutter removed from his house and auction if off?
Aug 2, 2015

Not that I know of.

Philip Anderson

HDR Remodeling

Sep 1, 2015

Bob, Get that clutter Out. You Might look into some good old fashion horse power... i.e. Young men wuith strong backs to assist you. Try asking Your local Youth charities or maybe football programs to raise money fo rthem and keep You Young... Keep it simple. If you put a large amount of weight in the module it might not be able to come out :-)

1 part Atheletic Youth + a Ryder truck = Kids learn the value of work and Bob saves $$

PRO TIP: Ensure there is a chain of command and the palyers or kids learn the right way... Mountain dew adds super fuel #nextgeneration

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