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Mar 26, 2014
I am looking to remodel my bathroom shower. Does anyone have information about the process and some price ranges that these jobs typically run?
I am thinking about a 5' x 5' Tile Shower with a bench.
Apr 15, 2014


If we average the last couple of bathoom shower with bench including new shower, drain assembly, shower value and water line, gut and redo the shower with upscale tile and venting and lighting it runs about $35k.

Philip Anderson

Jun 6, 2014

There is a great resource that we point our clients to when trying to determine "how much things cost" in general. There are so many different variables that go in to a project that it is hard to really throw out a figure and say "Hey, a bathroom remodel is going to cost XXXX" without knowing the location of the project, how big the bathroom is, what level of finish, etc.....

Remodeling Magazine does a survey every year of 35 common remodeling projects, and what they actually cost across the nation. They publish these results, and categorize them by location. Their survey is really great because they actually give you an example of a project, and a laundry list of what goes in to it, and a typical price that would be associated with that remodeling project. We find that it is a really great resource for trying to determine ballpark figures and get a good idea of what things cost around you.

Here is the link to the 2014 report:

Jun 5, 2014

Bathrooms, depending on size and complexity, typically range from $4,000 upwards of $30,000+.  It depends on many variables.  Are you replacing what you have or changing the layout of your bathroom?  Here are some options to consider and there is much information to gain by looking on the internet.  You can install a standard tub or jet tub.  If you install a jet tub, does it have an in-line heater and do you need to increase the capacity of your hot water heater?  You can install flooring from the most budget conscious vinyl to in-floor heated tile.  Do you want an acrylic surround in your shower space or do you want to install tile or solid surface surround?  Single shower head or sidewall spray?  You also have the option of Steam shower, but consider ventilation and again hot water capacity.  It is wise to do your research on the internet to get ideas and even learn what questions to ask.  It would be good to speak to at least 3 experienced and credentialed contractors.  Make sure they have been in business and at their location for at least 5 years.  You may check out our website at  and click on our Pinterest account in the upper right corner.  Once you have entered Pinterest, look under Bathrooms to see pictures that may give you some ideas.

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