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Mar 20, 2017
How can I quickly upgrade the exterior of my home/front yard?
I want to give the exterior of my home a springtime 'facelift' without completely relandscaping my yard/renovating my house. What kind of exterior upgrades do you suggest I make to achieve this, without breaking the bank?
Mar 25, 2017

A very quick and cost effective way to upgrade your homes exterior is a cleaning and color change. Pressure wash to clean it up and paint the shutters and front door.  They can remain the same color or pick a fresh new color.  You can also take any old fixtures that have faded over time and paint the metal with a fresh satin or gloss paint.  Same with metal railings or metal awnings. Possibly a one day job with big results. 

Mar 26, 2017

Besides the painting suggested by Chad of Lonestar Painting which can truly makeover the appearance of a home, I suggest that the trees and shrubs be professionally trimmed and thinned out.  Application of weed control and fertilization of the lawn will provide a healthy and attractive canvas to your yard that can be supplemented with a dose of spring color annuals

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