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Kay Liunas asked:

Jul 10, 2015
Can I report a plumber for not doing work that I was told they had done? It has been 4 years since said work was done and we recently had to inspect the attic b
A pipe was to be installed from the drain pan under our water heater to allow any accumulated water to go outside of the house. Recently our water heater burst (in the attic) and caused a lot of damage. the pipe was only 4 foot, capped off and hid under insulation.

Sorry to hear of your troubles.I would first start with calling the company; they might not know that the installation was not done correctly.Given the opportunity most contractors will correct the mistake.If that does not work then I would call the local Better Business Bureau. Also most states have a home improvement regulatory commission of some fashion. In our state, Maryland, contractors must be licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission.Dissatisfied homeowners can file a complaint to the commission for unsatisfactory work.

As with everything the BUYER MUST BEWARE. It is you the homeowners responsibility to do your homework BEFORE you buy. The home improvement industry is full of smooth talking salesmen that promise the world. Hire contractors that have a long history of reliable service. They usually are not the cheapest contractor in town; but high quality reliable service does not come cheap. In the long run they will be your cheapest option... considering the fact that now you have to do the same job twice!

Jul 22, 2015

It all depends on the companies policy. Here we would of course be more than happy to come out and look at everything, and fix them for you, but we also do provide 10 year warranties to our customers, so it may be different for the company you worked with. I would definitely call and let them know when the work was done, everything seemed fine, until you had an attic inspection scheduled and they had informed you about how poorly the job was done. Most companies should be more than happy to fix mistakes on their end for any customer they've had! 

Good luck with everything, I hope it all works out and gets fixed for you!

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