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Apr 21, 2014
Among your "difficult customers" what are the things they do that makes them "difficult"?
asked another way, what should homeowners do to maintain a positive working relationship with their builder or remodeler?
Apr 23, 2014

When issues arise during a project we view them as "Bumps in the Road" instead of them being "Road Blocks." If you have hired the correct contractor, they have probably seen the issue before and it can be fixed. If there truly is a road block it is because the contractor didnt prepare the client or the job specifications well enough before they started construction. This is their fault and you can't call a customer difficult for their own mistakes. If you see something that bothers you bring it up right away. It's ok to bring up any issue you have because that will ultimately decide your satisfaction with the project.

When we feel a customer is difficult though is when during construction they say, "Well we didnt realize the product would look that way!" If you are not comfortable with something or you are not sure how something will look, be sure to ask before starting construction! A lot of times it is too late because you signed a contract or the product has already been installed. If you have signed with us we think you know exactly what you are getting. Never just settle if you are uncomfortable.

In summary, like any good relationship a successful project is all about communicating effectively. The design portion of a project is like dating. When you sign a contract your married. So if you dont feel you can ask your contractor questions or if when you ask you dont get a satisfactory answer, dont get married because divorces can be expensive! If you can communicate effectively with your contractor when putting a project together you will have a positive relationship during construction.

Jul 20, 2014

Most people have different perceptions and expectations and ways of doing things.  It is great when customers research the project they would like to have completed so they can form clear expectations of what they want.  Patience is another great quality in a client.  As long as the contractor is professional and communicative, it is great when clients are patience in responding to unforseen delays such as weather and product availability.

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