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At Martin Home Exteriors, we've done over 1700 exterior jobs since 1995! What's the thing that gives you peace of mind? Would it be our perfect record with the "Better Business Bureau" of no complaints ever, or maybe that during that same time we've also never had a single complaint with the State of Florida's Contractor Licensing board, for which we've been a certified contractor of since 1995. Ken Martin, owner of Martin Home Exteriors has worked hard over these first 18 years to create a company that you can feel that peace of mind with. From being the first (since 2002),and for 5 years the only siding contractor that James Hardie Siding Products allowed in their very exclusive "Remodeler Contractor Program", along with being one of the first exterior siding companies in the State of Florida to offer James Hardie Siding Products back in 1997. At Martin Home Exteriors, Ken has searched the state to hire the best people he could find, our exterior siding specialists teams have been with us for 14 plus years and are of the character you would be proud to know. These commitments by Martin Home Exteriors were made by Ken not only for your peace of mind, but for his too, after all Ken is in your neighbor and part of the Jacksonville community. We here at Martin Home Exteriors take pride in the integrity of our workmanship, our products and our services. Our business philosophy sets us apart from the rest. We believe integrity is the most important ingredient. It is important to tell the customer all the facts, not just what they want to hear. We invite you to feel free to visit our website; where you will find valuable information about our company, the products and the services we offer.

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Siding 303
Screen porch 263
Window & door replacement 258
James Hardie 149

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[SALESPERSON] sought to understand my needs.
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Martin Home Exteriors was professional and organized.
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The Project Manager assigned to my project was professional and courteous.
Martin Home Exteriors communicated with me effectively.
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The job site is kept clean and safe.

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