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House to Home Solutions, LLC is a contractor based in Rockville, MD. We don't have any additional information about House to Home Solutions, LLC.

Whole house remodel,
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House to Home Solutions, LLC   Mr. & Mrs. Shores, I am truly sorry you feel that way. Maybe I can put somethings in context. Your home is from 1958. We ended up having to replace all the pipes and the Main Drain for both your Master and Hall Bathroom because they were rusted, falling apart and clogged. This was not part of the original contract. It delayed the job because only one person fits in the bathroom at a time. The plumber had to finish before we could continue with the project. The only other delay was a custom tempered glass window that was delayed by the manufacturer, not us. We had no control over that. We were there every single day until we completed the job. It wasn't that we weren't showing up. As for cleanliness, you would not allow us to run the negative air HEPA filter during the job because the noise bothered you. We set up plastic containment and covered your floors. This is construction in an old home, there will be dust and we go above and beyond what any other company does to minimize dust. I do apologize if I did not set realistic expectations but impossible to be spotless during construction. As for your family vase, I have apologized and do apologize for us breaking it. It was truly an accident and not something we would have done on purpose. It was on the other side of the wall we were working on and just not seen. I would have been happy to replace if it could have been. Again I am very sorry we did not meet your expectations as I truly do care about all of our customers and jobs. as you will see by reading any of our other reviews on this site and many others. Your review is our only poor review in 13 years in business. I think if you put things in perspective you will see that we did try to have a smooth project for you. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you enjoy your bathroom for many years.