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Pelle Heating & Air Conditioning

Pelle Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc is a family-owned business serving the South Bay Area with quality HVAC repair and installations for more than 25 years. We offer quality repair and installation of heating and cooling systems, furnace replacement, and maintenance service for South Bay area homes and businesses

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Can a raised entry foyer be lowered?
Apr 28, 2016
Assuming that there is a crawl space (not a slab), then the answer would be yes. But there is no way to give any idea as to cost until someone crawled under the house to see how it’s framed, how much ... read more
What do you think about radiant barrier spray on coating versus foil backing radiant barrier?
Apr 4, 2016
Here is a fairly good article on the subjecct. "Radiant barrier spray-on paint is essentially liquid foil. While not all radiant barrier paints are the same, basically they are made by grinding pure ... read more

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