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Mork Mausoleum Construction Inc

Mork Mausoleum Construction, Inc. (MMCI) is a mausoleum construction specialist. Its product is labor and expertise. MMCI obtains the best pricing from competitive suppliers of granite, marble, niche supplies and precast products as it has no ownership commitments to any other entity. With the ability to purchase from numerous suppliers, you are assured of getting the greatest value from your investment.

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i just had all the windows replaced in my home, why am i getting moisture on the inside of some of the windows and puddles on the window sills?
In my personal home which has high quality windows, we also suffered condensation. We generate moisture by breathing, cooking, and bathing. If you have casement windows with screens on the inside, you ... read more
Last edited Jan 10, 2017 12:08pm
What separates one custom builder from the other?
Aug 12, 2014
Communication is one of the big differences between custom builders. Lack of communication on simple items or steps can detrail a relationship and cause many headaches.

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