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Tim Brown JR

Lisa Fears asked:

Nov 13, 2015

Tim Brown JR of RGS Exteriors PRO answered:

Oct 25, 2016

I know many of the people responding here and they are all great companies. 

One thing I would add is that wire mesh covers are terrible. They actaully can cause damage to roofs. If they get any ice weight on them they can curl and lift the leading edge of the shinges. You want a cover that can be installed and attached to front and back of gutter or front of gutter and under shingles. 

Unfortunetly you need ot spend the money on a cover but you do get what you pay for. Email me or call anytime and I am happy to talk and answer any questions. all info is on site

Apr 20, 2016

Tim Brown JR of RGS Exteriors PRO answered:

May 18, 2016

I would also reccomend that you look at James Hardie webstie and look at their specs. In our market I have yet to see another contractor follow the specs (frankly not even close). By not following this the price can be quite a bit cheaper. That said it will void any waranty from James Hardie. 

Also I would make sure it is a pur Hardie job. Again in our market many substitute James Hardie trim with a much cheaper(frankly much easier to install) miratek trim. They will still call it a Hardie job but it is not. They also will replace actul Haride siding with a chepaer version called Cemplank. 

Just a few thoughts. 

Tim Brown

RGS Exteriors and Construciton

Apr 11, 2016

Tim Brown JR of RGS Exteriors PRO answered:

May 18, 2016

Most states do have a 3 day right of recison. This allows a customer to cancel a contract without any penalties and or fees within 3 business days of contract. However in most cases that rule does not apply and the law does not apply if you have invited the contractor over and or if you have gone to their place of business. This law was put in place for the high pressure door knockers. 

Again if you set up an apointment with a contractor and invited them to your home the 3 day does not apply.

That said if there is a real good reason, car accident, unforseen expsences etc. most contractors will allow you out of a contract even if after 3 days. 

Lastly please keep in mind usually 30% of the cost of the job is actually before the job has started, marketing, commisions, adminstration etc. etc. 

I hope this helps.

Tim Brown RGS Exteriors and Contruction


Paul Bishop asked:

Nov 30, 2015

Tim Brown JR of RGS Exteriors PRO answered:

Dec 18, 2015

Just seeing this. But I agree with other comments. Gutter Topper is the only cover to use. It is the best and has a lifetime waratny. www. check it out. You can check our site out with some exapmples also tho we are out of Utah.

I am a 4th generation gutter guy and we have looked at all the covers and tested many of them. Gutter Topper by far is the best. I actualy pesonaly know Marshal roofing as wel Troy is as honest as they come. I would call them.

Robert Lehr asked:

Nov 10, 2014

Tim Brown JR of RGS Exteriors PRO answered:

Dec 29, 2014

I just saw this so a bit late to the party. That said here is my take. 

To give a bit a background. We have been serving the Utah market fot 5 generations with gutters and exteriors. I personaly have been in the business for nearly 25 years. My father over 40. we have researched every product on the market. There is really only one that we have felt comfotable with. It is Gutter Topper. As someone said below it has been the number rated gutter cover.  The thing that really makes gutter topper so special it is very versitle. It also can handle more snow, ice, water, and wind. It is very stong and works well. 

Leaf relief is ok. We have installed it. It works well for a short period of time but the problem with that cover is it sits below the gutters which allows debri to sit on the cover and eventually gets in. 

There are some decent filters like gutter glove. Only problem is it is a filter. I dont care what anyone says, filters have to be changed or cleaned. So eventiually those will need to be cleaned. 

Like someone said earlier ther is no cover that keep all debri out. This is very true. Howver if a gutter is sloped correctly the small dirt and grit frim shigles will wash out. The reason why it doesnt without covers is the debri will create a dam and then allow evberything else to build. It will not happen with Gutter topper. 

Not sure if this helps, but again we have tried and looked at them all. As a company that has been around    for a long time and have tried them all. Gutter Topper is the only one I would look at.

donald wong asked:

May 20, 2014

Tim Brown JR of RGS Exteriors PRO answered:

Jul 10, 2014

We have looked at and studied every type of gutter guards on the market. We have been pitched all of them and looked at every one on the market. 

What we have found for a succesful gutter cover. 

1. It needs to  attach to the gutter and under the shingles or to roof edge. (this is critical to give the gutter strength. If done correctly the gutters will be several times stronger) this will help with ice wieght and over all longer lasting gutter system.

2. Must be attached at a slight angle away from the roof. if a cover is level or below the gutter line. Debri will sit on the cover and potentially get inside. You want the cover to be able to shed debri not allow debri to sit on it.

3. Needs to handle enough water, wind, and ice weight.

4. Hooded systems work best. This allows water to go in and keep derbi out. A screen system is not near as good. There are a few good micro screens on the market. They keep derbi out. Only problem is like and filter they need to be cleaned. So every few years you will need to get up a clean them.

5. Cannot attach itself to brackets. This is a weakness and will cause failers. Especially in high wind areas. 

6. Installed by someone trained. There are decent covers out there but if they are not installed propertly they will not work.

7. no cover on the market that is 100%. You can get small amounts of debri in the gutter. However if a gutter is installed properly they will drain and small bits of dirt etc will wash out. They do not without covers because the leaves cause dams and do not allow it to drain. With covers it keeps out the debri causes dams. 

All that said the cover we have had the most succes with is Gutter Topper. We have installed thousands of feet of covers. We have had only 2 job fail. Both were due to improper installs. Once we discoverd what we were doing wrong havent had a problem since. (several years ago) We have had unbelievable success with gutter topper. 

john barton asked:

Feb 18, 2014

Tim Brown JR of RGS Exteriors PRO answered:

Jul 10, 2014

The best way to fix and resolve ice dams is actualy proper isulation in the attic space. Next is proper ventilation. Both intake and exhaust. These are critcal but rarely done correct and very costly and hard to do rero. 

If the above are not done then a good qulity ice melting system is best. Either a commecial grade heat cable/heat tape or an ice melting system such as a heat panel.

Never use a continous watage cable as they are not safe or effecient. 

Only use a self regulating cable as they are safe and effecient. 

You will want the cable in the gutters and downspouts first, the next step is cable in the valleys and lastly weaved on the roof.

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