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Steavi Potter

Sep 27, 2017
Sep 27, 2017

Hi Aleric Stone,

We are a vinyl window replacement company located in Ontario, Canada. Of course, our weather is much different than that of California. I can however tell you a few pros and cons with Vinyl vs. Aluminum. 

Aluminum windows are well known for being lightweight and overall, very durable. Since they're aluminum, they are very malleable. Meaning they can really be tailored for almost any frame shape you can think of. Vinyl windows, however, carry the same qualities but are significantly better insulators. So when the temperatures in California get on the hotter side you can crank your A/C up and the cold air will stay in and the hot, outside air will remain outside. The Polyvinyl Chloride, otherwise known as PVC does not require painting, meaning maintenance is kept to the absolute minimum.

Not to mention, vinyl windows are significantly cheaper than aluminum options.  You'll find that vinyl windows are much more popular in home builds and less popular in commercial. Aluminum is undoubtably much more popular in commercial builds, and less frequently seen in home renovation. 

In the end, my suggestion would be vinyl - all the way!

If you have any further questions, pelase feel free to reach out,

Apr 6, 2017
Apr 7, 2017

There are a few options depending on the circumstances, if the dog has scratched the slab and depending on material, you'll need an entirely new slab. You have the option of painting over the scratch, but the odds of that peeling into the future are high. Our doors are steel and fibreglass, fibreglass would require an entirely new door slab to be installed if you wish to rid the problem for good. To surely rid the problem, the dog or puppy should be trained before repair unless you want to experience a fruitness endeavour. 

When dealing with a wooden door, their are a few DIY solutions like sanding, filling sanding again and painting/staining over. 

It looks like the pup teaches classes on how to be a beaver 101. Sanding, filling and matching the colour back would be the best option in this circumstance, or simply an entirely new replacement. 

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