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Dec 21, 2019
How do i fix my sliding window.
So when my sprinklers go off what comes with is a god awful sulfur smell. It’s a city wide thing when sprinklers are run. The thing I shouldn’t smell it in my house. I walked by that window on the way to feed the cat, and I was smacked in the face with that smell. That window also seemed to let all the noise in, the wind. The window on other side is the exact same kind, no awful smell and no noise. The windows are on either side of the front door. Not familiar with sliding windows. But how I keep the smell out and the noise down. I did notice that piece that slides up and down I could get the tips of my fingers in there and they got cold. It’s cold front season. Wasn’t sure if that was normal for a sound glass window. How do I fix and make it as nice and quite and smell free as it’s counter part on the other side of the front enterance.
Dec 27, 2019

I would recommend replacing the window.

sealing or adding any aftermarket seals would most likely sacrifice operation 

Its sounds like you have a double hung window that slides up and down check to see if the outer top window can slide up then lock it. If the glass is sperating from the frame you can take it to a glass replacement company and they will fix the frame and glass if not vinyl welded

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