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Sean Cook asked:

Feb 17, 2014
What makes a good remodeling customer?
Jul 7, 2014

What makes a good remodeling client?  

Usually has worked on a home project with a reputable contractor before.  One who has resonable expectations as far as price (investment) and time line. One who can make a design decision and stay with it instead of going back over the color of the walls 'one more time'. One who respects exception designers and carpenter. 

I think that does it.  That is my wish list

Philip Anderson

Berkeley Ca

Feb 19, 2014

One that is flexible and open to new ideas and solutions.

One that doesn't second guess every step of the process.

One that doesn't watch over your workers and want to help.

One that doesn't have to be in contact 24/7.

One that shows appreciation for progress and quality.

One that provides baked goods once a week.

May 6, 2015

A good remodeling customer has done their homework! It's a difficult process to select a remodeling contractor but with enough research it's easy to narrow down the choices. A customer that has called references and did some research about pricing will be an informed client!

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