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Roy Clarke asked:

Sep 3, 2015
We need our electrical box replaced and improved, when we moved in the house the circuit breaker were not marked well.
The inspector felt they were ok and we proceed. We are frustrated because we have to watch what we plug in because it could pop the circuit breaker. We are on a limited budget and would like to replace the circuit breaker box. Can anyone tell us where we can find a person that will help us out for a low price?

Rob Morrison of R&K Remodeling PRO answered:

Oct 21, 2015

Being that this is a saftey first and homeowner's insurance second question, a Licensed Electrician in your county/township is the best way to go. Breakers tripping can be one of many issues from, just a faulty breaker, to improperly installed or overloaded circuits. NEC is nationwide but county codes/variances can be more stringent/specific in residential electrical. Electricians are not cheap but this is an area you don't want to take any shortcuts. Ensure you see their license and make sure the work gets inspected prior to energizing your home.

Dec 10, 2015

Quality craftmanship, good service and low price do not happen very often, if at all. You have to give up something if you don't want to spend much. As Rob said, you don't want to cut corners when it comes to electrical work. Have them trace what devices are on what circuits. Putting in a new panel with the same size breakers (that are overlaoded) isn't going to solve your problem.

Feb 19, 2018

You definitely want to make sure the person is licensed and that they obtain the proper permits for this.  Most "discount" electric panel change-outs are not done well or properly.  Proper licensing and permitting will protect you.  Try to be home when the inspector comes or contact your municipality directly to verify the inspection was done.  Do this BEFORE paying in full.  

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