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John Ford asked:

Feb 17, 2014
Is it true that you can have a quality custom closet installed without breaking the bank?
I've seen a few of these online and thought about having one built in our home.
Jun 17, 2014

Yes you can get custom closets installed without breaking the bank. Basic orgnaizing systems designed and installed by a closet organizing specialist will utilize all of the space in the closet, increase the amount of hanging space and will be built using quality materials. In my research, I have found that our proffssionallly designed and installed closet systems are about double the cost of what it would cost you for a system at the DIY box store BUT, with our system not only do we do all the work and guarantee it for a lifetime , the quality of the materials are far superionr to the junk they sell at the big box sotres. The design is a huge part, and I will put my  qualified designers against any help that you might get at the big box sotre. Things that affect pricing are the size of the closet, number of drawers in the system and how detailed we get with accessories. Prices for a medium sized walkin closet can very greatly, you can see some examples on my website here:

Rob Owens of VTS Homes, Inc. PRO answered:

Jun 1, 2014

The materials are just 30% of the cost.  They are labor intensive and if you are fairly handy you can save a bundle of money doing it yourself.  However, this is not a task for the average DYI.  If you hire someone to supply and install the system you can plan on spending $3,000 and up depending on the size of your closet.  

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