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Jan 21, 2015
I would like to have a garage that is as inviting as my house.
I live in Texas. We drive a lot. The last thing we see when we leave our house and the first thing we see when we return is the garage. It's pretty demoralizing to open the garage door only to find a really ugly, stained garage floor. What is the best approach to refinishing a garage floor?
Mar 3, 2015

Hello Andrea Arnold, Call for Garage Door Repair Expert Service in San Antonio, TX (844) 334-6718. We offer garage door, garage door spring repairs, opener repair, and garage door cable repair and garage door maintenance. We are very quick at providing quality services to our customers and that too at best prices.

Bob Davis answered:

Jan 25, 2015

Check our  See if they have any dealers in your town.  They manufacturer a Polyaspartic floor coating product that is the best in the industry.  It has to be applies professionally, but you will be very happy with the final product.

Bob Davis, CEO/Presiden

Garage Floor Outfittes

Jan 28, 2015

Sealing the floor with an epoxy or sealer is a great feature like Bob said. Also make it a hang out with cool furniture and theme it to match what you love...

A finished room over the garage is a great place for guests to stay on your property and not feel like they are "in the way" from Inlaws to old friends the Guest suite can be an amazing place to get away

If the ultimate work shop is your flavor look into conditioned space or controling the moisture

- Note check building codes and NEVER use existing HVAC  for garage area space to be applied to cool/ heat. mixing living space and garage space on the same system is very dangerous due to gases and fumes.

SPOUSE TIP: Always look to an expert and Let your loved one do what they do best and Outsorce the rest

Billy Gavigan

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