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Aug 7, 2015
I had to have foundation repair done about 10 years ago. They gave me a lifetime warantee but they are no longer in business. What can I do to fix a problem?
What can I do to fix a problem that is suppose to be covered but I can't find a company in our area to honor their warantee?
Dec 10, 2015

I'm a little late geting to the party, but are there any pictures of what;s going on? I agree with Dennis, but there are many reputable contractors that have great relationships with structural engineers, and can work together to help you. If you don't have someone you normally work with, contact your nearest professional remodleing association (NARI or NAHB) and get a reference.

Aug 7, 2015

Unfortunaely when a company goes out of business you no longer have a warranty. I suggest contacting a structural engineer in your area to assess the foundation situation and make recommendations of contractors who can make the necessary repairs

Dennis Gehman

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