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Jan 31, 2017
How do I stop cold drafts coming in from 2 skylights?
Wrapped 9" fiberglass around frame in attic & roofers secured them tightly to the frame. Can I seal them with a frame of plexiglass at the ceiling opening? They are 13 years old. Dimension is 13" x 51". Nobody makes a shade this narrow.

Tara Woods of Crown Builders PRO answered:

Feb 6, 2017

Probably need to have the skylight reflashed.  Skylights need to have special flashing kits designed for skylights.  Have a professional come to inspect to see if you have a curb mount or deck mount skylight and they will be able to give you a price to replace your current flashing with a new airtight skylight flashing kit.

Jeff Fierstein answered:

Jan 31, 2017

First make sure there is weather stripping between the skylight frame and the curb, assuming this is a curb mount. sometimes there is not a seal inserted at that joint. If that is not an issue, then you could certainly install a frame around the well at the ceiling level and insert a piece of clear acrylic to keep cold from dropping into the room. I have done this at a previous residence with great success. Good luck

Ryan Gregory answered:

Jan 31, 2017

Without knowing the specifics of the skylight brand and condition, we would not be able to answer the question with confidence.

We use Velux skylights. During re-roofs, we typically find most skylights are not in good condition and/or were not installed properly. 

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