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Dec 17, 2016
Hi! PLEASE HELP! In need of a REPUTABLE roofing inspector in St. Louis area. Botched roofing job.
We recently had a roof (architectural) put on our home as a result of an insurance claim d/t hail damage. We chose what we thought to be a reputable company (A+ rating w/BBB, referrals from neighbors). The process has been ongoing since early August and very stressful. Communication very poor and we were held off while the salesperson argued with our insurance attempting to get coverage for "ice and water shield" to peaks and valleys, that apparently is not even code in our area. Not to mention, the salesperson also attempted to change "side bid" and charge us double the cost. After we confronted him he said it was just an error and he would have caught it at the end of the job. The roof was not placed until 11/20-11/21, the first really cold days of the year (Temps definitely not above 40 F until well into the afternoon). The end result is less than desirable--shingles not aligned (staggered) properly, nails exposed, torn shingles, damage to existing drip edge/facia/sofits, failure to replace items insurance claim paid for. Worried that there may be many other concerns that the average person may not even know to look for. We were initially dealing with a different salesperson, but demeaning and not responsive, so now been dealing with the owner's son who is nice, but not eager to address concerns. I have tried to speak with the owner, but it seems there is always a reason he is unavailable. We feel like we need an expert to look over our roof to give us some leverage when dealing with the contractor and to ensure our roof ends up properly installed. We have become very distrustful and would be extremely grateful for any recommendations you have for a reputable inspector and any advice you are willing to give. Thanks in advance!

Ryan Lee of Supreme Contracting PRO answered:

Dec 21, 2016

Hi, I hope I can provide some insight and help. First, as a storm restoration contractor the insurance company does not usually supply enough materials to get the job done to meet building code, and they are not very responsive when trying to get a supplement, so I can understand why it is taking so long. It happens to me all the time. It is not code to put ice and water on the ridges, if that is what you mean by peaks, and I don't think it is in the valleys in MO, but you could call your local building inspector and just ask. Your shingles should have been installed on a day or two when the temps reached 40 or above as recommended by the manufacturer. With that being said, some of the biggest contractors in town still install them with temps well below that. To me that is a sign of contractor that does not care about quality. If the nails are exposed on the nail line of the shingle they were not installed correctly. Also, when the temps are below 40 the shingles become very brittle, so I'm sure they ripped due to handling in those temps. Those can be replaced very easily if there aren't to many of them. The area of concern is going to be water intrusion. However, I wouldn't worry to much about it on your first year of a new roof. You should be ok, but you need to make sure your issues are resolved.

Any damage to drip edge, fascia, soffit, etc. is also a very easy fix. If they do not fix these any of these items I would highly recommend filing a complaint with the BBB. In the St. Louis, MO area you can call Signature Roofing (573-424-4591) and they will take care of you. He has been trained by Haag Engineering to identify issues with asphalt shingles. 

Jan 9, 2017

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